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Moose of Yellowstone and Grand Teton
Moose of Yellowstone and Grand Teton Quantity in Basket: None
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Price: $29.95
This spectacular collection of images by award-winning photographer Henry H. Holdsworth offers the first-ever view into the lives of the Shiras moose of Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. Experience the wonder as gangly moose calves take their first steps in spring. Take in the drama of rutting season as these powerful titans clash for dominance amid spectacular scenery. Watch cow moose and their yearlings endure frigid and snowy winters beneath the rugged Teton Range. Holdsworth’s remarkable photographs, the result of decades spent observing these unique animals, tell a timeless story of survival that is sure to inspire. hardcover RELEASE DATE June 2009 - 197 exquisite color photographs - insightful foreword by filmmaker Charlie Craighead - extended, informative captions - organized by season

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