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Alaska Wildlife Portfolio
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Alaska, The Last Frontier - it is hard to think of this enormous state without visions of this phrase popping into your head. Like no other place in North America, Alaska is synonymous with thoughts of vast unexplored wilderness, untamed rivers, mysterious northern lights, and thundering glaciers. A land where unending herds of caribou still wander, where salmon choke the rivers and grizzly and polar bears rule. A place where you can leave civilization behind, where roads only get you so far, and if you get out and explore you will probably be trekking across ground never touched by human beings. Alaska contains a dynamic range of ecosystems stretching from the rainforests of the southeast to the tundra of the far north. But for all its size and beauty its most amazing asset is the diversity of life that calls Alaska Home. Its shores are home to whales and sea otters, its vast interior the realm of musk ox and wolves, its snow-capped peaks the haven of Dall sheep and mountain goats, and its skies the domain of uncounted eagles. In Alaska you can witness the true meaning of the word "wilderness" and see in person the animals that bring that wilderness to life. "Alaska Wildlife Portfolio" lets you share the highlights of over fifteen years of adventures with photographer's Henry H. Holdsworth and Steven Nourse as they help shed some light on the private lives of Alaska's amazing wild inhabitants.
  • Hardcover 11 x 10-1/2
  • 120 pages
  • 122 color photos

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